Shutterbug Science provides a collection of free activities and educational modules for teachers and parents. Many of these activities and modules have been developed in collaboration with experienced educators and are designed for integration into K-12 curriculum. All resources are in English, unless otherwise noted.
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Grades K-5
Download and color field guides for common mammals
Cut out primate face masks
Put together a floor puzzle of Africa
Practice darting a baboon target
Try termite fishing like a chimpanzee
Make a food web of an African ecosystem
Grades 6-8
Make a dichotomous key for East African wildlife
Measure box turtle shells
Compare species richness in different habitats*
Record animal (squirrel) behavior*
Complete an animal tracks crossword*
Observe which animals are active at night*
Grades 9-12
Play Papiopoly (baboon Monopoly)
The science behind puppy dog eyes*
*Coming soon!