About us

Catherine Markham
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Stony Brook University
Catherine is a behavioral ecologist with experience studying wild mammals and birds.  As an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stony Brook University, most of her current work is focused on baboons and chimpanzees. She created Shutterbug Science because she wants to share her love of animal behavior and ecology with young scientists!
Kate Thompson
Graduate Student, Stony Brook University
Kate is a published, freelance scientific illustrator and a doctoral candidate in the Interdepartmental Doctoral Program in Anthropological Sciences at Stony Brook University. Kate is also the founder and executive director the Amani Foundation, which benefits and runs Amani Children’s Home in northern Tanzania. She is working with Shutterbug Science to translate and expand our lesson plans and activity modules for use in East African classrooms.
Dawn Nachtigall
Science Teacher, Three Village School District
Dawn is a New York State Masters Teacher with nearly 20 years teaching experience, primarily in 7th grade science. Having earned both a BS in Chemistry and an MA in Liberal Studies from Stony Brook University, Dawn’s expertise and creativity have been essential to the successful launch of this project.
Layne Mapes
Undergraduate Student, Stony Brook University
Layne was a Human Evolutionary Biology major at Stony Brook University. Having 4 younger siblings that range from Pre-K to 7th grade, Layne has taken initiative in getting them interested in ecology of their hometown of Seattle, Washington. Layne has joined our Shutterbug Science team to help develop new and exciting ways for young students to learn about the wildlife right in their backyard.
Past contributors
Francesco Fasano