How do you get kids excited about science? Our approach is through a series of hands-on activities – largely involving photos and videos – that encourage kids to strengthen their observational skills while learning about wildlife. Emphasizing the intersection of science and art, these free activities provide instruction on topics such as keeping nature journals, creating a food web, and testing hypotheses about animal behavior. Our hope is that these activities will help excite and educate a new generation of scientists by teaching fundamental principles of animal behavior, ecology, conservation, and citizen science.
Who is using this website? Although our activities are designed for junior scientists in Grades K-12, this website is intended to serve as a resource for teachers and parents. As educators ourselves, we recognize the need to provide not only activity plan ideas but also the resources essential to carry out each activity. To help fulfill this need, all of our activities are linked to downloadable files that include a brief activity summary along with the data and worksheets needed for each activity.