Play Papiopoly (baboon Monopoly)

Targeted age group: Grades 9-12
Baboons groups move across the African landscape in search of food, water, and safe sleeping sites. Not all resources are equal, though! In this game, modeled after the baboon groups studied by the Amboseli Baboon Research Project, students compete for the “purchase” of the best water holes and woodland sleeping sites in Amboseli, Kenya. But be careful! Bahati (chance) and harambe (community chest) cards may set you back or give you new opportunities!
Materials needed:
Game board
Title deeds
Bahati and harambe cards
Instructions (coming soon!)
Game pieces (1 per player)
Scissors or paper cutter
Catherine Markham
Papiopoly Game Board for Print 2018-02-14

Papiopoly game board