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Lunch Break Science with The Leakey Foundation
Coming October 22, 2020 at 2pm Eastern Time
Join a live, virtual conversation about research in the Markham Lab and Shutterbug Science on Lunch Break Science with Arielle Johnson! Click here to connect.
Pandemic cancellations
April 1, 2020
Until further notice, we’re sadly limiting our in-person interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the meantime, though, we’ll be developing new activities. Stay tuned for updates!
Working with SBU’s Institute for STEM Education
July 17, 2019
Thanks to funding from NSF and The Leakey Foundation, we are thrilled to be developing a new after-school program in partnership with SBU’s Institute for STEM Education! I-STEM is an interdisciplinary education center that provides a wide range of academic year and summer programs for K-12 students and teachers. Our new 3-week program will reflect the broad topics of on-going research in the Markham Lab with activities and lessons designed to teach middle-schoolers about competition (contest vs. scramble), group living, energy intake and expenditure, and behavioral animal sampling.
First visit to Mount Elementary
May 16, 2019
We had so much fun learning about food chains and food webs with second graders at Mount Elementary! Extra thanks to all the students who brought their “stuffies” along to learn about animal behavior.
Return to Murphy Junior High
April 15-16, 2019
We love visiting the young scientists at Murphy Junior High! For the third year in a row, we had a chance to visit their classrooms and talk with them about behavioral ecology. Thanks for the great questions and interest in what we do!
Another Stony Brook University’s CommUniversity Day
September 22, 2018
We were thrilled to support SBU’s second annual CommUniversity Day! Kids in our community had a chance to learn about how chimpanzees fish for termites and how researchers use blow-guns to dart baboons from SBU undergraduate and graduate students.  Special thanks to Jack Winans, Lisa Prowant, Emily Jefferson, and Tom Rigby for your time and energy!
Bayport/Blue Point School District’s Gifted Students Program visits Stony Brook University
March 24, 2018
Special thanks to Lisa Prowant for giving a wonderful presentation to visiting 4th graders based off of her dissertation research on eastern box turtles. Lisa is a PhD candidate in the Department Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Stony Brook University. Thanks also to Joan Dickinson for letting us know about this fantastic event!
Local news story!
February 22, 2018
Dan Dunaief with TBR News Media wrote an article about ongoing research and outreach activities in the lab, including our involvement with Murphy Junior Highschool. Check out the article here!
Stony Brook University’s CommUniversity Day
September 23, 2017
We had gorgeous weather and met so many wonderful families at SBU’s first annual CommUniversity Day! Our kid-focused activities taught junior scientists how to fish for termites like a chimpanzee and how to use a blow-gun to dart a baboon. Special thanks to SBU undergrads Jessica Rivera, Sarah Stalerman, and Layne Mapes for making the day a success!
Communinversity Day 2017-09-23
Recognition for our work at SBU’s College of Arts and Sciences Awards and Recognition Ceremony
April 5, 2017
We were thrilled to receive one of this year’s awards for community outreach!
Final school visit with 7th graders at Murphy Junior High
October 20, 2016
We had a wonderful time working with the 7th graders at Murphy Junior High this Fall. Thanks to the students, teachers, and interns who made this project possible and provided some much needed feedback. Looking forward to working with you again next year!

Junior High 2016-10-20

Terryville Family Fun Day
September 17, 2016
We didn’t want to miss out on the first Family Fun Day in Terryville, NY! Our table featured a range of hands-on activities for kids of all ages as well as information about SBU’s Department of Anthropology. Special thanks to Joan Dickinson, Francesco Fasano, and Lauren Petrullo!